Change, fitting into ‘the system’ and why Bambi is my spirit animal

Thanks for joining me on my first blog post! I’m Sophie, a twenty four year old graduate (I promise this isn’t where I delve into a long x-factor-audition-style life story) and I’m a novice when it comes to blogging so I hope you’ll stick with me and excuse any Bridget Jones-esque ramblings that may take place whilst I get to grips with this.

I wanted to talk today about change…and the difficulties and expectations of dealing with significant life shifts. I’ve recently graduated from University where I studied a four year degree in Fashion design, and much like many many other graduates, I find myself thrust into the incredibly daunting and bewildering working world where presumably I should know what I’m doing. Much like Bambi’s first time on the ice, hooves flailing in different directions as he scrambles about, learning to walk (yes, I really did just make that metaphor), it can feel a great deal like that when dealing with this new, uncertain experience of adult life: stumbling, falling flat on your face, making careful steps on the unsteady ground beneath you. It’s scary, and unless you’re fortunate to have a concrete plan and a career ready to go, it can feel pretty overwhelming trying to navigate this strange and unfamiliar time. I, for one, find myself feeling that I should have it all sussed out by now, my ‘purpose’ I guess; the exact job or career that is my perfect fit, where I’ll feel fulfilled and which encompasses all the things I’m good at. Whilst this may be a reality for some, and that’s really great, for a lot of us it seems to take a bit more time and we don’t glide so easily straight into our dream career. I think I’m learning, albeit slowly, that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ mould for adult life, things may not happen the way we’re led to think they’re meant to….and that that’s actually okay!

I think the education system, as great as it can be, carves out this pretty rigid order of how your life should flow: school followed by college or university and then straight into the exact job that matches your degree, in a smooth, orderly fashion. Now I’m not completely naive, and I did realise during my University experience that this system isn’t always the reality for everyone, but there isn’t a lot of preparation or guidance given for the very plausible possibility of things not following that route, and so you can feel like you’re inadequate when you find yourself in amongst the 9 to 5 world without a concrete life plan, like a Bambi in the headlights. You can feel like you’re failing by feeling uncertain or not fitting into the ‘expected’ route. If you think of how incredibly different we all are as individuals, as humans in fact, why would there be a ‘one size fits all’ formula to life anyway?! It doesn’t make sense; our bodies are formed differently; we all have unique capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, interests and temperaments so surely what’s right and good for one person could be the complete opposite for the next.  It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others who appear to be succeeding and achieving all the things we feel we should be too, something which, admittedly, I find myself doing A LOT. But it’s not a race, in fact there is no race at all! We come from different backgrounds, different upbringings, challenges, experiences and starting points, so you can’t fairly compare two things that didn’t start at the same place. The idea of this is beginning to provide me with a bit of comfort and solace to know that I can dictate my own ‘system’…that it’s fine to still be unsure of things and figuring out what matters to me, what gives me fulfilment and carving out a way of doing those things, even if it isn’t instantaneous, its a process. We spend the majority of our waking lives working so why not make it enjoyable?!

Sophie x

P.S: Bambi gets there in the end doesn’t he? He finds his feet, with a little help from his friend Thumper, and is walking upright in no time. Yes it was daunting and probably didn’t happen at the pace he wanted it to, but he figured it out. I’m definitely one of the Bambi’s of this world and y’know what? I think I’m okay with that, or at least beginning to be. #Whatwouldbambido?




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